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Eagle Tree Air Speed Microsensor

Need to know how fast you went?   Our Airspeed MicroSensor is the solution you've been searching for!  The Airspeed MicroSensor uses a Prandtl style pitot-static tube to measure airspeed, just as full sized planes do.

When used standalone, the MicroSensor displays your maximum speed on the built-in 7 segment LED display. Simply plug the sensors into a spare receiver channel or small battery (4V to 16V) and fly your model. The maximum speed continues to be updated and displayed on the LED. Then, when you land, your maximum airspeed will display on the built-in 7 segment LED. For example, if you flew 101 mph, the unit will display “1 – 0 - 1” repeatedly. No configuration, additional equipment, or computer required!

Additionally, the MicroSensor can be connected to your eLogger (any version) to provide airspeed data for your entire flight. When connected to the eLogger, airspeed can be displayed and graphed using the eLogger’s Windows software or via your OSD if you're flying with FPV!

This sensor measures airspeed from approximately 9 MPH to 350 MPH.

Includes Pitot (prandtl) tube, pitot hose, sensor, and power cable.

*Compatible with eLogger but not Data Recorder/Seagull.

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Airspeed Microsensor V3