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Eagle Tree eLogger V4 - Data Logger

eLoggerTM V4 - the Easiest Way to Monitor your Model's Power System!

New! Whether you’re into Electric Model Planes, Helis, Cars, Boats or other models, you need to know how your electric power system performs under actual operating conditions. The eLogger is the product you need to monitor your LiPo, A123 or any other electric power system.

Here are a few of the enhancements with our new eLogger V4:

  • High speed logging at up to 50Hz (increased from 10Hz).
  • Sixteen times the logging capacity of the standard eLogger V3.   Typically logs all available sensors for about four hours, at 10Hz.
  • Voltage logging increased to 80 volts maximum.

The eLogger system comes with everything you need to log, analyze, and graph mAH, Current, Wattage, Voltage and throttle position, right out of the box. And, your eLogger is tremendously expandable, by adding additional sensors (shown below).

Why should I choose the Eagle Tree eLogger?

Some ESC manufacturers are adding data logging to their products. However, these logging capabilities are limited, have very short logging times at high sample rates, and few if any additional sensors are available. While these built-in solutions may "whet your appetite" for data, our eLogger and its incredible array of sensors and powerful software will let you measure virtually anything you will ever need.

Also, investing in logging add-ons that are tied to a particular ESC means that the investment is only good as long as you use that ESC. Eagle Tree telemetry is portable across any ESC brand/model.

Finally, while the ESC manufacturers and others may lose interest in their logging capabilities if they don't sell well, you can rest assured that Eagle Tree will continue to enhance and expand our eLogger with additional features and sensors. Data is all we do!


PowerPanel LCD Display - a Gas Gauge for your Pack!

Now you can connect our PowerPanel lightweight LCD Display module to your eLogger!

This ultra thin LCD display connects to the eLogger with the included 11" data cable, and lets you get your max and live data displayed without a PC, just like the heavier, non-logging WattMeters on the market.

The display is fully programmable to show you your live and max Voltage, Amperage, Wattage Temperatures, RPM, mAH used, and more! Since you can know your mAH after your session, you know approximately how much juice is left in your pack!

Just connect it after your session for readback of live and max data. Or, since the PowerPanel is so light, it can easily be attached to the side of your model for live/max display all the time!

Here are the key features of the PowerPanel LCD Display:

  • Ultra-thin LCD display connects to the eLogger with the included 11" data cable.
  • Live Display of Amps, Volts, mAH, Temperatures, Wattage, and RPM (more coming soon, by simply download our latest Windows program).
  • Cumulative mAH display serves as a “gas gauge” for your battery pack.    By knowing how much has been used, you can know approximately how much is left!
  • Up to 4 parameters can be displayed per “virtual page” on the PowerPanel.  Each parameter has a programmable label.
  • Supports Multiple “Pages” of data, with programmable ways of switching between the pages.
  • Supports display of both Live data, and Max values, with programmable ways of switching between Live and Max.
  • Supports “hot plugging” into the eLogger after your session.
  • So light, it can easily be attached to the side of your model for live/max display all the time!
  • System supports both Metric and English units.

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Eagle Tree eLogger V4