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Oscium WiPry 340x

Transform a smartphone or tablet into a spectrum analyzer. This perfectly portable tool is the ideal solution for industrial home security professionals.

  • Android, iOS, PC, MAC Supported
  • 300-348 & 387-464 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Scan & Troubleshoot Wireless
  • Data Sheet

Home Security Spectrum Analyzer

Oscium’s WiPry 340x visualizes all spectral activity from 300-348 & from 387-464 MHz. Now it’s possible to identify and avoid interference so wireless connectivity can be optimized. Just download WiPry from either the App Store or Google Play and get started today!

Universal Platform Support

Oscium’s WiPry 340x is compatible with iOSAndroidPC and Mac. This cross platform solution is perfectly portable as are all Oscium’s tools. And now, it’s possible to use whichever host device you prefer. Oscium's software applications are all free. There's no licensing fee and there's no subscription so it's easy to use your WiPry 340x.

What’s Included In The Box?

Getting Started

The  User Manual is the perfect way to see how WiPry 5x solves wireless speed issues.

And the Quickstart Guide will help you get started. Tool tips are available in the app. In addition, each menu has a list of explanations to help guide the user through the features.

For more information on how to get the most out of this tool, see it in action on Oscium's blog or visit the FAQ.

Data Sheet

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WiPry Case

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WiPry 340x

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Oscium Interference Finder Antenna

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Oscium RP-SMA Dual band Antenna