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Spectrum Compact from SAF Tehnika

Spectrum Compact from SAF Tehnika

The world’s first handheld microwave spectrum analyzer

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Spectrum Compact is a truly hand-held and easy to use test and measurement solution for the 300 MHz - 87 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. Product line consists of eight devices, each dedicated for its own frequency range, and has an affordable price.

Battery powered Spectrum Compact devices do not require external down-converters or connection to PC, and are a must-have tool for any field engineer performing microwave equipment installation, link troubleshooting, site planning and maintenance in real field environment.

The analyzers utilize a resistive touch screen technology, allowing the engineer to wear gloves when using the device. SMA or 2.92mm connector* allows the Spectrum Compact to integrate with any manufacturer’s antenna or waveguide system. Furthermore, the high sensitivity and low noise floor make it possible to detect even exceptionally weak signals. Designed specifically for comfortable outdoor use by microwave network engineers, Spectrum Compact can also be used for various applications in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), LTE, VSAT, 5G and cellular network environment.

Spectrum Compact is designed for wide range of applications - from RF parameter measurement and testing to signal monitoring, troubleshooting, radio RF parameter measurement and interference detection.

0.3 GHz - 3 GHz and 24 GHz - 40 GHz test and measurement solutions are a great fit for 5G network deployment. Thanks to its size, usability and sensitivity, the Spectrum Compact can be used for high precision detection of existing interference on installed paths or available radio channels in microwave, millimeter wave and other frequency ranges. Data logging of all spectrum scans is available with the Spectrum Compact device, and enhanced data processing and analysis are provided by SAF Tehnika PC software for your laptop. *for devices 300 MHz – 40 GHz

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Spectrum CompanyUltra-compact form factor

Truly hand-held device, designed specifically for convenient outdoor use in a variety of challenging environments.

Leading Sensitivity

Industry leading receiver sensitivity in all frequency range allows to discover even weak signals.

Compatible with different antenna systems

Can be used with antennas from other manufacturers and radio system.

Resistive LCD Touchscreen

Resistive LCD touchscreen allows to leave your gloves on while operating the unit. Intuitive UI makes it easy to control the unit.

PC software

Upload, save, compare, analyze and print your saved spectrum scans using free PC software.

IP marking 54

IP 54 International Protection Marking (IP code) ensures that the analyzer is fully dust protected and can be used in rainy conditions. For devices 56 - 87 GHz

Examples of the signal visual representation