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WiPry Accessories

WiPry Carry Case

WiPry Case

A ruggedized carry case is available for purchase to protect WiPry during transit. This carry case has two inner pockets, which holds the antenna(s), WiPry hardware, and all other accessories required to function WiPry. The case has an external zipper that makes it simple to access your tools quickly. This case was designed at the request of field techs.

Interference Finder: Dual Band Directional Antenna

WiPry Intereference Finder Antenna

Locate the exact source of interference with a dual band directional finding antenna! Highlights include:

  • ​Directional 2.4GHz / 5GHz Antenna
  • 3.2 inches by 2.5 inches
  • 5/8dBi gain
  • RP-SMA Connector

RP-SMA, Wi-Fi Dual Band Antenna

RP-SMA, Wi-Fi Dual Band Antenna, 0dBi. Replaces factory supplied antenna on WiPry 2500x.


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WiPry Case

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Oscium Interference Finder Antenna

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Oscium RP-SMA Dual band Antenna