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VSG25A $820      inc. GST 2 available
SA44B $1,550   inc. GST 1 available
TG44A $1,000   inc. GST 2 available

We have a limited number of Signal Hound spectrum analysers and tracking generators available to our Australian and New Zealand customers at a special discount price.

Only available while these limited stocks last.

They are all new and come with all the usual Signal Hound and Silvertone back-up support and warranties!


Spectrum Analysers, Software Radio and Test & Measurement

Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzers and tracking generators.

Signal Hound SM200A

SM200A 20GHz Spectrum Analyzer.

Signal Hound BB60C

BB60C 6GHz Spectrum Analyzer.

Signal Hound SA44B

SA44B 4GHz Spectrum Analyzer.

Signal Hound VSG25A Vector Signal Generator

VSG25A Vector Signal Generator

Spike Screenshot

Spike software by Signal Hound.

Kestrel TSCM Software

Kestrel TSCM software.


BladeRF Software Defined Radios.

Hytera Digital Radio Systems

Hytera commercial and personal radios.

RFDesign RFD900-series family ISM Modems

RFD 900MHz radio links, Arduino shields and accessories.

Aerobits ADSB transponders and receiver modules

Aerobits EVAL TIM-MC1 module

Aerobits TIM-MC1 Evaluation module

Aerobits TR-2W ADSB Transponder

Aerobits TR-2W transponder.

Aerobits TIM-SC1 OEM ADSB receiver module

Aerobits TIM-SC1 receiver.

Autopilots for professional UAV's and hobbyist models.

Garmin Avionics

Garmin Avionics and general products.

Bitscope BS-10U

Bitscope DSO family

Bitscope DSO's.

Virtins Digital Logic Analysers

Virtins logic analysers.

Terabee Product Family

TeraRanger distance sensors by Terabee!

Vero Technologies

Vero Technologies - electronic prototyping and manufacturing components.


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